[BlackBerry] ExtensionMacros.h

[BlackBerry] ExtensionMacros.h
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Porting over a project to blackberry and I am getting fatal error. There error is “fatal error: ExtensionMacros.h: No such file or direcoty”. This bug doesnt say where the problem is inside the solution just says Location - line 30 (what file?), and Type - C/C++ Problem. Has anyone else encountered an issue similar to this when bringing their porject over to the blackberry platform?

Side note I did run a “HelloBlackberry” project without any issues and the HelloCPP project successfully compiled and ran inside the Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha Simulator.

Any help ? Thanks!


Hi still looking for a solution to this. Anyone else come across this issue when porting ios/android app to blackberry?


I have the same problem, did you find a solution for this?

To give a clearer idea, this is the line that fails:

#include “ExtensionMacros.h”


Hi Jesus,

Yes I did find a solution to this but not a optimal one. What I ended up doing was the files that are in the extensions folder so:

right inside my classes folder for the project. Again this wasn’t the best way to take care of this but I was running out of time, and setting up the linkage in the QNX ide was just not working out for me. Jesus, if you do come up with something better please let me know :).



hi, do you mean you deleted the files?

What I tried now is just to copy the cocos-ext.h and ExtensionMacros.h files to the root folder of “extensions” project (since the error was quite clear: no such file or directory). It’s so weird because after importing the existing project, the files should be there…

Now I get other errors but I’m on it… what a pain in the ass…


Yeah its a huge pain, I almost was not going to release my app to the black berry app world. Here, in the attachment is a screen shot of what my app’s classes folder looks like.

So I didn’t bother working with the “extensions” folder I just copied everything from that folder and pasted it into my classes folder for the app. In the screen shot you will see the highlighted files I copied over.

Hope this helps.



if you did what I told you it should work, now it’s working for me. Now fixing errors of my own project :-S


Oh sorry I miss read what you wrote.