Better (More Logical) Arrangement of Tests in TestCpp App

Better (More Logical) Arrangement of Tests in TestCpp App
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I have been looking into using Cocos2D-X for a few weeks for the purpose of finding a cross platform library. I’m an iOS developer with a background in UI/UX design and so I place heavy emphasis on fitting in to a platform’s ecosystem as well as possible (where I think it makes sense to, of course). However, after downloading the Cocos2D-X library and launching the accompanying TestCpp project/app, I was deeply disappointed. The TextInputTest was extremely underwhelming by the complete lack of features and behaviors one would normally expect on iOS. There was no loop for magnifying where the cursor was when I put my finger on my display. I couldn’t even see a cursor at all and I couldn’t edit text in the middle of the sentence that I tapped out. It was a lousy experience. I was resigned to the idea that Cocos2D-X couldn’t provide the type of native user experience I wanted.

Furthermore, because displaying and editing text go hand in hand and seeing that the LabelTest and the TextInputTest were listed together towards the upper end of the list, I had no reason to think the library contained any additional text editing components.

However, near the very end of the list is an ExtensionsTest that leads to a list of other tests among which is an EditBoxTest. This is what I really needed to see! It wraps up a UITextField from iOS that has all the behavior I would want to offer in my app.

And so, to get to my point, I feel it would be a better showcase of what’s available/possible with Cocos2D-X if the EditBoxTest was additionally grouped with the other text editing controls. In fact, I think the project would be a better resource if someone with a comprehensive knowledge of all the tests could review them and logically group them by behaviors. It would better facilitate those who are searching for what’s possible with the library. I don’t know who specifically I should address this issue to within the Cocos2D-X community so I’m throwing it out here to see if this is a sound idea with anyone else.