[BETA TESTERS] Need beta testers, please

[BETA TESTERS] Need beta testers, please
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Hello guys,

I made this game a few weeks ago for a game development contest. It took me about 2 weeks to make it, so it’s very short. Because of Finals week I haven’t had much of chance to work on it, but I’d like to get some feedback on the game so I can build on it (make it longer, add more features) and release it somewhere—Maybe Kongregate, or the chromestore, or windows store. I’d like feedback on controls, more features, animations, suggestions for other levels, and any other ideas. There’s already a few things I have in mind but I’d like to hear more!

here’s the link:

Here’s a screenshot of some of the little levels:


a long long time black screen before preload
hard to play for me, I am not good at this game type


a very pretty game!

few suggestions

1, pack your game with google closure compiler, so game loads faster

2, the camera needs a little smoothing, you can use simple mechanism such as LERP, sharp camera movement especially when jumping puts strain on the eyes

3, its very hard to perform high jump on the spring platforms, maybe you can change that by allowing holding the jump key to perform high jump on landing?

4, movement needs a little acceleration, without acceleration, turning around is too sharp, and its harder to make fine adjustments.

my 2 cents