Best way to handle text input

Best way to handle text input
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I’m really sorry if this has been answered before, but I couldn’t find an answer that actually worked for me or provided example code.

I am currently developing a game with multiplayer support and want to have several areas where the user can input text. First will be the main menu, where the user provides his username and password.
How can I do this in Cocos2d-html5? I need the password field to replace the input text with * like original html input does.

Second, I want to have a chat area in my game. So I need some cocos2d class that can handle scrollable text (to display the message history) and another to handle the actual user input.

Has someone done something like that before and could provide me with a minimal working example?

Big thanks in advance!


It had been implemented. Please refer to the "Extensions Tests/EditBox Test“ in test cases.


But editbox on android shows a dialog box on top for input and we dont want it that way , can you tell me any other way of doing so ?