Best way to customize cocos2d-x classes?

Best way to customize cocos2d-x classes?
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Hi guys
I’m relatively new to Cocos2d-x/C++ coming from iOS/objective-C.
So far I love it. Right now I’m doing an app that utilizes CCTableView and subsequently also CCScrollView. While I think it’s working pretty nice out-of-the-box I would like to do my own customizations to different aspects of these classes. So, what are the best way to make my own versions/customisations of cocos2d-x classes?
I would rather not edit the classes directly in the cocos2d-x library. This might posses unwanted challenges when updating etc.



Well, I guess I could create classes that inherit from the library classes and then “virtualize” the methods I would like to customize… Would this be the best way to do it?


Yep, in c++, you can inherit a class to extend it. cocos2d-x using c++, so it is a right way to do it like this.