Best method for Flash -> Cocos2d-HTML5 ???

Best method for Flash -> Cocos2d-HTML5 ???
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Does anyone know if there are any tools to allow the export of Flash animations etc for use in Cocos2d-HTML5

I’ve noticed there are some tools for Flash (SWF) to iOS Cocos2D, but I’ve not found an equivalent for Cocos2D-HTML5.

Flash appear to have a plugin for CS6 which exports out assets and code compatible with CreateJS (aka EasleJS), I’d like to do the same sort of thing on Cocos2D-HTML5.

Does anyone have any suggestions.




it has many limitations

I cast my doubt on this approach to make game contents

CreateJS is funded by Adobe using same api as Flash, I think they are using this to try to steer people away from html5 to Flash


Thanks Hao Wu

I didn’t know that Adobe fund CreateJS. I looked at EasleJS (part of CreateJS suite) some time ago but didn’t think it was any good. Cocos2D-HTML5 is much better.

In my opinion Adobe have really dropped the ball with Flash, and are now desperately trying to keep people using the Flash IDE as a tool to create HTML5.
Know many companies who have developed a lot of games etc in Flash, but they don’t work on iOS or Android etc, so they need to convert them to HTML5, but currently there is no easy way to do this.

Even exporting of animations to HTML5 is not easy, and automatic porting of ActionScript to HTML5 isn’t possible at all.


As a follow up to my postings about Flash -> Cocos2D-HTML5

Thanks Hao Wu. I tried but its no good as my FLA files are Actionscript 2 and is very Object based.

I also tried Adobe’s “Toolkit for CreateJS” and it was totally useless, it only supports a very limited subset of what Flash can do and in my tests, either the “toolkit” crashed, or just exported a completely blank page.

I also tried using the tool called “Zoe” which is part of CreateJS (which is supposed to convert SWF > HTML5, but again it was useless and would not convert the Flash files that I need to convert.
The only thing I have found that seems able to convert SWF
> HTML5 is the commercial “SoThink SWF Decompiler”. However AFIK there is no API to interact with the HTML5 code that the decompiler produces.

As far as I can tell, the Sothink decompiler uses a modified version of this code for its runtime playback of SWF data.
So it looks like I will need to port the “player” to work with Cocos2D-HTML5

Currently I’m waiting for feedback on SoThink’s forum in case they have API docs for their “player” - but I’m not that hopefull that they actually have any :wink: