Best combination of CocosBuilder and Cocos2D HTML5

Best combination of CocosBuilder and Cocos2D HTML5
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Hi there,

Just wondering if someone can give tell me which versions of CocosBuilder and Cocos2d-HTML5 are most compatible.

I am using the alpha (3.0) of CocosBuilder and the HEAD of the HTML5 repository and I am having trouble loading a CCBi file that I published using CocosBuilder. I found that I need to use the current git repo to be able to read the ccbi files that CocosBuilder 3.0 published. Which seems consistent with the other reports I have read.

So I got it parsing the file, but then it came across “Unexpected Property: isTouchEnabled”… so it seems that CocosBuilder 3.0 is putting “isTouchEnabled” into the ccbi file, but cocos2d is only matching against “touchEnabled”. This unexpected property stopped it parsing the file. So after fixing up the definitions of CCSpriteLoader, it parses the file and starts loading the resources. Buuuuuuuut…. That is as far as I get, I am presented with black screen and it looks like it is failing silently in the background. I have the debug setting at level 2.

Not sure if anyone else has had the same experience, but I feel like I am spinning my wheels a little bit in trying to find the best combination. Anyone able to help me out??

All the best,