Benefits of Marmalade.

Benefits of Marmalade.
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From a Cocos2d-x standpoint… Can someone please outline for me the benefits of using Marmalade? Thanks.


For me I like to be able to target all the various platforms using a single development environment using Visual Studio 2008 on a Windows PC. I have a Mac Mini for deployment but I bought that mainly for LevelHelper physics editor.

Marmalde has common API’s that work accross various platforms, ios, android, bada, LG TV, Playbook, Symbian, webOS, etc.

For the basic license fee I’m happy just to have a single development environement, when I build the cocos2d-x in widndows I am able to quickly switch to Marmalade project and deploy to Android and iOS in the same development environment of Visual Studio.



Thanks for the feedback Francis. I will be using a similar development setup, and am glad to hear that there are others using this methodology/framework successfully.