Basic Box2d Tutorial needed !!

Basic Box2d Tutorial needed !!
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well i have looked this[1] link and it describes how to use it but fails at where to implement the code i.e.
where we are supposed to write the code for box2d in a basic helloworld project (i guess in init method )
Also do we need to include some other files for box2d or cocos2dx will take care of it



I think if you are newbie at box2d. you should read box2d demo at : . it’s very useful for me, and
YOU should read more at box2d demo in engine cocos2dx .


thanks man,but how to integrate it with cocos2dx for android in eclipse using C++ NOT OBJ-C thats not included in those sites


i just dont know if anyone is listening or not but there is no tutorial or walk-through of setting box2d for use in eclipse using C**.I am sorry to say but there seems to be little interest in using C** with eclipse for cocos2dx ,everyones after obj-c and xcode and its templates

Mates one good basic walk-through explaining how to set-up box2d for c++ with eclipse.
[i am asking how to import the box2d functionality in my project,what are the steps needed]

NOTE: i know how to use box2d but how to implement it in my ongoing project ??


Just look at the TestCpp->Box2dTestBed and get a book. I learned with a book of Box2d for Flash, it’s almost the same.