BaseWar - Open beta

BaseWar - Open beta
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hi all,

I want to show you my game I was developing the last few month as a hobby.
The game itself is now and for ever absolutely free and without ads. Damn you ads =)

Just hit the “Open beta download for ANDROID” link at

I would be glad to get some feedback of you guys.

PS: The game itself uses (after several switches between 2.x and 3.0) cocos2dx 2.1.5.



I’ve played your game around 30 mins yesterday. Gameplay is really nice, but here are my remarks:

  • Icons in menu are ugly (but background looks nice),
  • In max zoom out, there is black background outside the main battlefield,
  • I’ve had problems with zooming with pinch gesture,
  • icon is nice,
  • Baron looks really great!
  • there is no sound/music or I forget to turn it on?

Game looks like finished in 80% :slight_smile:


Thank you very much =)

May I ask which device you were playing at?


Galaxy Note II