ballistix prototype need graphics or new developer

ballistix prototype need graphics or new developer
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I am looking for someone who could draw a graphics for game. It is a remake for Crash Bash Ballistix or Air Hockey for 4 players in 3D with some extra features and bonuses.
All physics are done, singleplayer mode is almost ready, only graphics needed. Take a look on demo with almost original graphics, could you do something like this?

Here is gameplay on Android. parameters not tuned yet

Or, if I wont find anyone I could sell this code if you want to finish the game by yourself.


It looks very cool.What’s going on ?


Nothing interesting. Made some game modes ( like 1 vs 1, 4 players free for all, team match, arkanoid style game with different type of boxes) and menus. Yesterday uploaded it to GooglePlay, didn’t show the link to enyone yet -


game as always cross-platform, available on GooglePlay, will be on Blackberry store soon, if someone want to publish for iOS let me know
gameplay is not tuned well yet, AI, physix properties, scores and so on

here some screenshots