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I noticed on the front page it says that Cocos2D-X is coming soon to Bada. Does anyone have an idea on the sort of time frame in mind? I’ve already created some Bada projects using Chipmunk, but it’d be awesome if Cocos2D could also be used. What is currently missing from the project to make it usable?


In fact, cocos2d-bada port is completely on the github now
You can download & try it now. But the contributor hasn’t leave any document yet.

I’m sorry that we can’t merge bada port into master now.
Bada is odd in its standard C library & stl . For example, a different behaviour in “printf” fucntion, and the lack of “sscan” function.
We are planning to refactor the “platform” layer, to fit more platforms perfectly. This make take some weeks before we can merge cocos2d-bada into master. Maybe the next one or two month.


Hi Walzer,

Thanks for the advice, I’ll give it a try!


I see what you mean about its C library & stl. I’m getting several issues of the form:

‘::getchar’ has not been declared TestCocos2dx line 118, external location: c:.2.0\tools\toolchains\win32\include\c++.4.1\cstdio

I also had to change the include in CCXFileUtils_bada.h from “support/file_support/FileUtils.h” to “FileUtils.h”


OK, I’m a bit stuck now…

I’m now getting my app to compile with Cocos2DX but once I include “cocos2d.h” it fails to run (even if I’m not actually using any cocos2dx).

What I’ve done so far:
* Create a standard form based project (works fine).
* Include the ‘cocos2dx’ folder into the project and add it to my include paths.
* I now get a warning about “support/file_support/FileUtils.h” as above, so I change it as mentioned.
* I am now left with several errors about undefined stdio functions. I can fix these by changing any references in cocos2dx to <stdio.h>
* Once I include “cocos2d.h” it fails to run

Any help would be much appreciated!


Since Bada 2.0 round the corner which has a good support for the STL and also supports “printf” and “sscan” functions can we expect the bada platform be included with cocos2d-x.


I contact Dumganhar, the author of bada port, in the last week. But he is busy doing some projects and have no time to maintain is branch.
Can anyone have spare time to update & maintain is port?