bad access using cocos2dx with chartboost

bad access using cocos2dx with chartboost
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i try this one


i got
exc_bad_access when

  • fail to load
  • shouldDisplayInterstitial

after i try, it’s only one success when

  • I set test mode become on &&
  • there’s internet connection

any idea??


Not sure what you downloaded but Chartboost is very easy to get running.

Download the SDK from the Chartboost website:
Unzip and put the Chartboost folder in your “proj.ios” folder (can be anywhere but I’m assuming you put it here in the “import” below).

In your file, at the end of the “didFinishLaunchingWithOptions” function add the code:

    // Chartboost
    Chartboost *cb = [Chartboost sharedChartboost];
    cb.appId = @"your app id from your chartboost account";
    cb.appSignature = @"your app signature from your chartboost account";
    // Begin a user session
    [cb startSession];
    // Show an interstitial
    [cb showInterstitial];

Include the chartboost.h file:
#import “…/Chartboost/Chartboost.h”

Drag the “Chartboost/libChartboost.a” into your project.

Compile and run.