Background support for cocos2d-x

Background support for cocos2d-x
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Hello Everyone,

I searched throughout the forum but didn’t got solution to my problem. I get the Multi Resolution Support. So far so good. but my problem is that i want to give this support exactly to my game components and differently to my Background.
MY game components become streched and that is not what i want. Either i can load background separtely or GameComponents seprately on for one particular resolution…… is their a way to do this.
i got another solution that i add that particular resolution but this increases my game size.

Thanks in advance. Please help me through


why don’t you try levelHelper and SpriteHelper…
There will be no problem for images as it will fetch according to device internallly…

And best part is that it supports Cocos2d-x…

:slight_smile: :wink:


First they are third party tools and secondly they are not giving me type of effect i require. And the Memory issues still Remain there i.e. it take more memory. As my Game size is already too heavy i don’t want to do that this way……