Audio Engine crash on Android when playing and stopping some audios repeatedly

  • cocos2d-x version: 3.14.1 (with latest audio engine from v3)
  • devices test on: all Android test devices of my company
  • developing environments
    *NDK version: r10d

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play 3 or 4 audios simultaneously
  2. Stop them all (the audios are not over yet) and re-play the same audios
  3. The crash occurs after repeating several times.

Any idea, thanks in advance!



I think v3 should use at lest NDK 10


Sorry, it’s a input mistake, the ndk version is r10d.


Hi, maybe post your code/project so cocos team can test it on their side.


I have fixed this issue and have commited, see pull request #17716