Ask: ios bookmarked (fullscreen) very slow problem


Thanks cocos2dx team first.

My game have fixed width (1024px) & dynamic height (according to the browser height which get before game start).

If i open the game in web browser in ipad mini, it has 2x fps with 2xx objects need to draw,
but when i bookmarked for hiding the address bar, it have similar 2xx objects drawn but only 6fps…
Why it runs slow in bookmarked mode… ?

Thanks again : )

And I want to ask what is the best resolution policy i need in my situation to make it run in multi size browser with fixed width.


iOS made this decision deliberately.
If web apps bookmarked to your home screen runs well, then people might might build their apps in html5 instead of native iOS app. This is bad for apple, since the same html5 app can be used for android and any other html5 enabled device, it also allows app developers to avoid apple iOS store, which splits developer’s profit