Ask: Are you having any technical difficulties with the forums in the past 8-10 days?


Hi All,

My superiors noticed that in the last 8-10 days our number of users visiting has decreased by half. I wrote this off as just people are busy but now they are wondering if there is a technical issue. On Jan 28th we did have an extended outage for the forums and server upgrades that I performed.

Can you let me know if you have noticed anything odd with the forums lately?



I usually check in once a day and have not noticed any problems with the forums. Im on the east coast USA browsing w/ desktop Safari 11.0.2. Maybe everyone was watching the Super Bowl?


Connecting from Barcelona, no problems here.


No problem here in Pakistan.


Thank you so far everyone.


I think there was some issue with no possibility to post anything for day, probably it was forum maintenance?


If it was Jan 27, yes, these forums were in “read only” mode while I was performing the upgrades to the OS and Discourse. We went from Ubuntu 14.04 - 16.04.