Are Layers still necessary in 3.0?

Are Layers still necessary in 3.0?
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Now that touch events are handled by EventListeners, rather than special Layer methods, is it necessary to use the Layer class any more (besides backwards compatibility with older code)? As a test, I changed my HelloWorld object to be a subclass of Node instead of Layer in my v3.0 project, and it seemed to work OK.

Is there something else I might be missing?

Layer vs Sprite

Not sure the future planning of cocos2d-x but I think we could now be able to compare with others.
For general User Interface, you may review the usage between “Control” and “Panel”/“Layer”


I think layers can be replaced with just nodes, lets see how it pans out, we might deprecate layers in the future


:;qst cocos2dx become more and more strange! I think layer is useless too!