App 'In Review' since more than 2 weeks

App 'In Review' since more than 2 weeks

I submitted my game to App Store and i’m waiting since more than 2 weeks for approval.
I have never waited so long.

Someone has a similar problem?

If they are busy and I imagine they are with iOS 12 now out.


An average of 14 days now. (I’m in day 9 ‘In Review’).
One month ago it was 2 days.

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After weeks… Apple rejected the App, this is the msg:

    1. 1 Performance: App Completeness

Guideline 2.1 - Performance - App Completeness

We are unable to complete the review of your app because one or more of your in-app purchase products have not been submitted for review.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please be sure to take action and submit your in-app purchases and upload a new binary in App Store Connect. Learn more about how to offer in-app purchases in App Store Connect Developer Help.

Once you’ve submitted your in-app purchases and uploaded a new binary, we can proceed with your review.

Since your App Store Connect status is Metadata Rejected, we do NOT require a new binary. To revise the metadata, visit App Store Connect to select your app and revise the desired metadata values. Once you’ve completed all changes, reply to this message in Resolution Center and we will continue the review.

Anyone know how to solve the problem?
I included IAP with SDKBOX and it works perfect, I tested it on iOS and Android. In iOS I tested it with sandbox test user.

The main problem (i think) is that the products in Apple Connect panel are with the status Pending for review.

But that status Pending for review are since weeks ago.
Maybe Apple can’t complete the purchases because the products has not been approved yet?

I don’t understand why the revision of the products is not synchronized with the revision of the app. It has no logic…

Did you create your IAP items and get apples approval for them?

IAP items are Pending for review in Apple Connect.
The app was rejected and the items continues pending for review. I don’t understand why it’s not synchronized.
Now I uploaded a new binary, maybe that’s the problem because in the last review i didn’t upload a new binary.

But it’s confusing because if you read the Apple Team msg at the beggening of the msg they say that you need upload a new binary. But at the End they say that they not require a new binary if the status is Metadata Rejected (the status that i’ve).

The items must be accepted before you submit your app for review. I went through this too.

Done. I sent again a new binary and now it has been approved.

Will you create a link to a showcase thread about your game? :wink:

I was hoping to see something too :slight_smile:

Now i’m waiting an authorization from Facebook to use user_friends.
Soon I will create a new topic announcing the game :slight_smile:

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Has anyone had this problem?
I’m sure the delay in approvals is because of this, but I don’t know what to do…

    1. 3 Design: Spam

Guideline 4.3 - Design

We noticed that your app provides the same feature set as other apps submitted to the App Store; it simply varies in content or language, which is considered a form of spam.

The next submission of this app may require a longer review time, and this app will not be eligible for an expedited review until this issue is resolved.

Next Steps

When creating multiple apps where content is the only varying element, you should offer a single app to deliver differing content to customers. If you would like to offer this content for purchase, it would be appropriate to use the in-app purchase API.

Alternatively, you may consider creating a web app, which looks and behaves similar to a native app when the customer adds it to their Home screen. Refer to the Configuring Web Applications section of the Safari Web Content Guide for more information.

Submitting apps designed to mislead or harm customers or evade the review process may result in the termination of your Apple Developer Program account. Review the Terms & Conditions of the Apple Developer Program to learn more about our policies regarding termination.

If you believe your app is compliant with the App Store Review Guidelines, you may submit an appeal. Alternatively, you may provide additional details about your app by replying directly to this message.

This is 4.3:

  • 4.3 Spam Don’t create multiple Bundle IDs of the same app. If your app has different versions for specific locations, sports teams, universities, etc., consider submitting a single app and provide the variations using in-app purchase. Also avoid piling on to a category that is already saturated; the App Store has enough fart, burp, flashlight, and Kama Sutra apps already. Spamming the store may lead to your removal from the Developer Program.

The category of my game is Games > Action > Arcade.
Maybe that’s the problem? But that’s the correct category…
Should I lie? haha.

I changed it to Games > Action > Familiar :triumph:

Wow I’ve bever encountered this before.