App crash when loading CCBI (exc_bad_access)

App crash when loading CCBI (exc_bad_access)
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I’ve tried 100 different ways to load a ccbi scene and nothing works. It always crashes on the createSceneWithNodeGraphFromFile or readNodeGraphFromFile call.

Right now in my applicationDidFinishLaunching I have:

CCScene *pScene = CCBTestScene::create();

    // run

my CCBTestScene looks like:

#include "CCBTestScene.h"
#include "cocos-ext.h"               // including CocosBuilder implementation

using namespace cocos2d;
using namespace cocos2d::extension;  // We need classes from this namespace

bool CCBTestScene::init()
    if (!CCScene::init())
        return false;

    // Create a default CCNodeLoaderLibrary. As we won't be using
    // code connections in this tutorial don't worry about it.
    CCNodeLoaderLibrary* nodeLoaderLibrary;
    nodeLoaderLibrary = CCNodeLoaderLibrary::newDefaultCCNodeLoaderLibrary();

    // Create a new CCBReader with a default CCNodeLoaderLibrary
    // This can take a lot of parameters to use code connections and more
    CCBReader* ccbReader = new CCBReader(nodeLoaderLibrary);

    // Load the main node from the CocosBuilder file
    CCNode* node = ccbReader->readNodeGraphFromFile("MainMenuScene.ccbi");

    this->addChild(node); // Add the loaded node to the scene (this)

    // As nobody called ccbReader->autoRelease(), returning now would cause
    // a memory leak. We can call autoRelease or delete it ourselves.
    delete ccbReader;

    return true;

I tried with layerloader classes as well and those all had the same result. I have cocos2dx 2.1.5 and cocosbuilder3alpha5, but I have tried with older cocosbuilders AND older cocos2dx SDK versions.

My stack trace:

Any help?