Anyone want a FlappyBird Tutorial?

Anyone want a FlappyBird Tutorial?
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Hey guys

So yesterday evening I realised how simple flappybird was so I created a clone in little under an hour.

I want to get more people involved in creating games so I’m trying to build a twitter following to obtain more reach before I release a tutorial on how to make flappybird.

Different great projects such as coderdojo will be able to use this to help kids get more involved in creating games as a result.

I will end up releasing a tutorial anyway but the more visibility the better for both me as a developer and the kids/teens/adults out there looking to learn how to make games and non profit organisations trying to help them fulfil their goal

Could you please have a look at this link and follow


Will this tutorial contain Google Play services integration? :;qst


Hey Tobias,

There won’t be Goggle play services in the tutorial.(thats not game specific)
After I finish this one if there is demand for a different series of cocos2d-x development videos I will do more :slight_smile:

The tutorial will be aimed at beginners to give a nice introduction into cocos2d-x.
Here is what will be made in the tutorial. (Plus maybe score and a menu)


I’d be very interested in seeing a tutorial like this. When do you plan to publish it?