Anyone has integrated Google Play Game Services Multiplayer in a cocos2d game?



I’m about to port my ios game to android and would like to use multiplayer on android too. I have seen google offers a multiplayer option in its Google Play Game Services. Has anybody been able to integrate this in a cocos2d game?.

Thansk in advance.


I have not used Google Play Game Services, but yes, I am working on a multiplayer game using ShepHertz’s AppWarp cocos2d-x SDK.
I used it for iOS (but it supports Android, Marmalade and BlackBerry 10 as well)
Some of the features that I really liked are:
 Persistent Room property management
 Match making based on the number of users and properties
 Client-side arbitration
 Out of the box turn based gaming APIs
The best part which i liked about them is their Dev Center.