anyone encounter "/bin/bash: c: No such file or directory"  problem?


i create a new builder for my project on mac’s eclipse(i follow a tutorial).evething is ok,when i complie my project ,it says “/bin/bash: c: No such file or directory” in console,but i can use “ndk-build” to complie my project and run successed.
any help will be appreciate. (790.6 KB)

when i complie my project ,it says "*/bin/bash: c: No such file or directory*" in console

How did you compile? What’s the command?


when i save the cpp files,it complie the files automatic.


You use Eclipse to edit and compile cpp files? If so, may be the Eclipse compile it automatic. You should figure out what it did.


please look at the pdf at page create a new builder and help us complie the cpp files automaic .



I don’t know Mac, but as a Linux user I would tell you to do this:

  1. open the command prompt

  2. type in the command prompt:

find / -name bash

It will look for bash file in your entire disk. If it where found the complete path will be printed.

Then you update your script to use the path returned by find command.

For instance, let me say that bash was found out in /usr/bin. So, find command will print


This would be the path you would use instead of /bin/bash.

If find command didn’t return anything it means you don’t have bash installed.