Anybody have crashed experience on Galaxy Note or S2?

Anybody have crashed experience on Galaxy Note or S2?
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The crash happen when I play my game “ChickenEggs” on Galaxy Note a while, it will freeze for one or two seconds, and crashed.

Before Galaxy Note, it runs fine on HTC phone(actually, Desire Z).

I don’t know if this is a special case.

But I did have problems on Galaxy Note, and I think it will also have some trouble on S2.

Maybe that’s because their new GPU chip to make this problems, I am not sure about it.

Anybody has some ideas ?

Thank you.


Any error log?


I tried several times, and it always ends with these strange logs below :

11-18 14:30:05.970: I/dalvikvm(29399): threadid=4: reacting to signal 3
11-18 14:30:06.970: W/dalvikvm(29399): threadid=4: spin on suspend #1 threadid=1 (pcf=0)

Others are normal logs, nothing special.


It is strange. I should print the error stack info.
From your pasted log, it seems that the thread, may be rendering thread or UI thread, is blocked by the spin lock.


I don’t know why. But it’s ok on HTC.

BTW, my galaxy note has upgraded to 2.3.6 !


Have you been able to debug it in Eclipse?

Also, what should you do to get the libs debuggable in Eclipse?



Hi, I’m having the same problem with samsung galaxy S2 with Android 2.3.3.

Did you find any solution?
I have the problem when i call CocosDenshion::SimpleAudioEngine::end(); when i want to exit.

This is my logcat log:

04-25 13:45:08.610: I/dalvikvm(10210): threadid=4: reacting to signal 3
04-25 13:45:09.610: W/dalvikvm(10210): threadid=4: spin on suspend #1 threadid=1 (pcf=0)

If I don’t call CocosDenshion::SimpleAudioEngine::end(); in Android it will leak memory or the Android’s activity lifecycle will do the job?

Thanks in advance.


If the process is terminated all the memory hold by the process is freed. Therefore no memory leak does occur if you don’t call SimpleAudioEngine::end() when you app will quit.

The problem may be resources like file descriptors that could leak. Another thing that may need explicit cleanup are audio resources held by the audio engine (like audio tracks). But I don’t know what is held by the audio engine at that time.

If you don’t have any audio problems after several restarts of your app (say 30-60 starts, without restarting the device) you are probably fine.


Thank you very much Andre for the explanation.

I have modify the end() method of the android cocos2dx library in the

@ public void end() {
this.mLeftVolume = 0.5f;
this.mRightVolume = 0.5f;

The freeze has been solved and nothing appear in the logcat, I only use the end() method before exit the game, so the initData() call I think is unnecessary. There is some possible danger if I remove this line using the method only before exit?



Sorry it still freezing from time to time. the post before Doesn’t solve anything, I still working on it.