Any plans on supporting game controllers?

Any plans on supporting game controllers?
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I just downloaded the 3.0 alpha and it was mind-blowing, with the most interesting parts being the EventDispatcher and the KeyboardEvent.

I just want to ask, is there a planned support for game controllers? Most people these days use their PS3 and/or XBOX 360 game controllers to place PC games and this is starting to be a trend (google Steam Machines). It would be nice if cocos2d-x had innate support for game controllers (PS3, XBOX, as well as USB game controllers). This will probably make development for PC much more plausible using cocos2d-x.


We have considered controller on mobile platform. Because the controller on mobile phone is not so good. So we put it in a low priority. About controller for PC, we haven’t considered it before.

We focus on mobile platform. We don’t know how many developers use cocos2d-x to develop PC games.


On PC yout have other libs for games also you can plug in some library for controllers?