Any plan for support Mac platform?

Any plan for support Mac platform?
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I’d like to know if your team has plan for supporting Mac platform as cocos2d-iphone does.

If your team has not made any progress on this issue so far, I want to try this job myself.



They don’t have plans to support it, but I was thinking about using SFML to get desktop support.


If so, I will try this myself. If I succeed(I don’t know when), I’ll share the results here.

Thanks for the comment!


I’m working on port for Mac OSX. by the way, i haven’t a lot of free time now for it.


Last night’s work,use cocoa!Only supports the Helloword


Wow, looks fantastic! Can you share the source?


need to fix bug…will be released later;)


ning xu any news related to Mac platform support ? :slight_smile:


Hello ning, I highly waiting for a port! do you have some news about it?

These days,I am too busy,so some bug were’t fully fixed;
Known bugs:
1.the font is still black for rendering!
2.change device orientation and fullscreen not supported
3.Audio engine for cocoa not supported
4.Input Method not supported
BTW:int cocos2dx NSInteger =》int,so this port is compiled as x86 only。



Thanks for sharing!


Hey. I’m really interested in Mac version of cocos2d-x, but can’t get it compiled right now under Lion 10.7.3 / Xcode 4.3.1 (outdated source?). I have a project for Mac/Win desktop platform being developed and have chosen cocos2d(-x) for it. Right now it’s written in cocos2d and runs on Mac fine. However, it’s a matter of day to re-write the code to C++ (it’s well organized) and continue developing using cocos2d-x, if I can grab a working Mac version of it.
So, I’m going to contribute to your fork. Can you help me where to start?


Thanks for sharing Ning, any recent progress on that (the last commit on Github is about 5 months old)? I’m currently working on bug #1 (black rendered labels), however had no luck until now.

Andrey, I had no problems compiling it, let’s have a look at the HelloWorld Xcode project as a starting point. Where are the problems?



Hi guys, please refer to this post