Any plan about supporting VS 2010?

Any plan about supporting VS 2010?
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Hope anyone can make a template for VS2010 also, the template for 2008 dont work for 2010…And, more and more guys are using VS2010 right?


We plan to make the template for vs2010 on March.
Before then, we plan to modify the cocos2d-x base on OpenGL instead of OpenGLES.


Would it be a good idea to switch to CMake instead? With CMake, you can generate both makefiles and templates for Visual Studio and lots of other compilers / environments.

On top of that, it could make compiling for Android (and perhaps iOS and uPhone as well? dunno…) a lot easier. It does have its share of issues (like not being able to grab all cpp files inside a directory, you’ll have to specify them by name), but from experience I can tell you that the benefits outweights the negative points with ease.


My recommendation is to use the VERY ide and toolchain for each platform. VS for win32, eclipse for android, Xcode for iOS, and so on.
Developers are familiar with the IDE and toolchain, it will reduce the learning cost of cocos2d-x.


Open the project file with VS2010 and use the convert wizard. Works fine for me.


Thx to you guys for replay :slight_smile:
I love the feeling of my code can work cross platforms. And i am wondering if changed to openGL instead, will it remain compatible with current versions? Also what was the reason make you decide to change to openGL? For performance?


For 2 reasons:
# Cauz Riq use OpenGL to implement the mac port in cocos2d-iphone 0.99.5. We can easily port it to win32.
# the PowerVR librariy of OpenGL ES 1.1 on win32 is not as stable as we wish


Also, GLES isn’t really that much different from OpenGL on the desktop. GLES is just a limited subset of OpenGL, albeit with a few tweaks to make it better for mobile use (like precision settings for shaders when you’re using GLES 2.x).

I don’t think you have to be afraid about issues with compatibility. If it runs on GLES, it usually runs on OpenGL as well.


It we found the implementation of GLES on mac, the replacement of GL is no hurry.
But we didn’t find.


Personally I would definately prefer cmake that generates the different projects (VisualStudio, XCode, Eclipse) for me.
For me the great advantage of cocos2d-x is its plattform independence.
So that I can develop for Iphone and Android (later maybe OSX and Windows?) at the same time.
It would be much nicer to simply have to write one make file and generate the projects out of it (because I am not familiar with every toolchain).


Mm, in my opinion, it’s important to keep the feature “easy to learn” of cocos2d-x.
Adding cmake may cost the newbies more time to learn “how to use this engine”. I feel that following the rule & ide of each platform is the easiest thing for most people.


Im new to windows phone 7. I was wondering if this works for VS2010. Can you please tell me how to integrate it into a VS2010 project and go ahead with that.


cocos2d-x has added vs2010 solution & wizard since version 0.8.0.