Any one use pomelo as a server?

Any one use pomelo as a server?
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nobody?I have had a try with it…it’s good to use I think,and it is maintained by NetEase.


Hey, I know this thread is VERY old but I wanted to ask how was your experience in using Pomelo? Was it hard to integrate with Cocos? I’m using Cocos2d-x v3.7 and have a JavaScript project.

Did you run into any major obstacles? Was there help from the community when you got stuck?



Did you use Pomelo for your project?
I find another solution its name is Colyseus. There is client for cocos2d-x. Anyone used it?
Maybe somebody have experience in multiplayer game and can help me?


Pomelo is a nice solution.
You can do almost everything what you need to do with it.

I have used it with cocos creator projects