any books on Cocos2d-x ?

any books on Cocos2d-x ?
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All books and examples I find are Cocos2d and contain deprecated stuff and removed stuff.
Porting the examples are way over my head cause I’m a beginner to Cocos and C/C++

Any books in English?


Unfortunately, cocos2d-x does not have a good number of proper documentations.
Best thing you could do is learn from trying it.


I’m trying, but that leaves a lot of good features unused I guess.
For example; instead of using Box2D I have now written a collision script myself, while Box2D might be a better aproach.
I just couldn’t find any good tutorials that doesnt use stuff from old versions etc.


Cocos2d-x community already have 1 beginner’s book in Chinese language, while 3 new books is coming in 2013 Q1.
For English, oops. I’m not sure if anyone would like to write an English book?

Anyway, @Yong Yang is joining our core team. He is responsible for wiki documents/tutorials in this year. An the plan, most chapters of [[Catalog of Cocos2d-x Chowder]] will be completed before April.