ANSWERED! How to set up update(ccTime dt) in a class

ANSWERED! How to set up update(ccTime dt) in a class
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hello everyone I need help in setting up Update method on my custom Class.
What I know so far is that you can set up update method for as long as your class inherits from CCNode. Can anyone point me to the right direction?


Did you want engine callback your update function?


i want to know that, too.

don’t call CCNode’s update(ccTime dt) function when node is added child in layer?


Hello there, sorry for any confusion.

What I mean is that, in HelloWorldScene you have there an update method like this HelloWorld::update(ccTime dt) that is initialize in HelloWorld:init() like this

now I want to make an update method but it’s on my custom GameObject class


The parameter of schedule_selector() should be a member function pointer of a class which inherits from SelectorProtocol.
So GameObject should inherits SelectorProtocol if you want to engine call its update method.


Crap I was doing it the wrong way LOL, thanks a bunch Minggo!
Editing the title to Resolve status.