[ANSWERED]Animation tutorial

[ANSWERED]Animation tutorial
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Could anyone help me out in creating a simple animation?
I have 3 png files ready to be animated.
Currently this is the code that I have I just tried to copy and convert from a cocos2d book unfortunately I don’t know how to run it.

    CCSprite* sideKick = CCSprite::spriteWithFile("heroDownStand.png");

    CCAnimation* sideKickMoveDown = CCAnimation::animation();

    CCFiniteTimeAction* sideKickMoveDownAction = CCAnimate::actionWithDuration((ccTime)0.5f,sideKickMoveDown,true);


This is tutorial for Objective C, but its easy to translate it to C++.



Thanks milda, been having tough time converting objective c codes, hopefully the community could post some converted tutorials.