[ANNOUNCE] cocos2d-x extensions publish

[ANNOUNCE] cocos2d-x extensions publish
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  • CCCrypto: AES256, Base64, MD5
  • CCOpenFeint: OpenFeint integration
  • CCNative: show activity indicator, show alert dialog, get OpenUDID
  • CCNetwork: check network status
  • CCStore: iOS IAP support, with receipt verify
  • 100% Lua-binding compatibility


  • Android support
  • IAP receipt verify with server
  • Ansyc HTTP request
  • GameCenter

Project: https://github.com/dualface/cocos2d-x-extensions


Thank you for sharing.


I looked into the CCNetwork which uses the Reachability.m class

Maybe I missed something, but how you implemented CCNetwork is not good.

You poll for the network state. You should notify the C++ code when the network state has changed instead!


Yes, you’re right :slight_smile:

Also need to implement a CCNetworkDelegate used to notify the application, the network status has changed.

I am currently working for examples, so CCNetworkDelegate be slightly late.



iOS example completed :smiley:



will it be ported to android or will a wrapper be published just to enclosure the calls in c++ and no depends on the platform?

Thank you


Great work, thanks. Waiting for android support.


Great work. Thanks for sharing this


wow, that’s super cool, thanks for this. Will save us from tons of work :slight_smile:

It will be released with 2.0.2 right? Do you know when this version is going to be released?




cocos2d-x-extensions for cocos2d-x 2.0 :slight_smile:


redaur redaur wrote:

Great work, thanks. Waiting for android support.

current state:

component: crypto
    ios: AES256, Base64, MD5, sha1
    windows: Base64, MD5, sha1

component: openfeint
    ios: OpenFeint 2.4, archievement, leaderboards

component: store
    ios: load products, purchase, verify receipt on device

component: network
    ios: check network state, async http request
    windows: async http request

component: native
    ios: show alert view, show activity indicator, OpenUDID, open url in browser


ios: GameCenter, iap verify receipt on server, GREE Platform SDK 3.x
android: crypto, network, store, GREE Platform SDK 3.x


I am getting “dualface-cocos2d-x-extensions-94a9ca7 2/extensions/network/CCHttpRequest_impl.h:15:10: ‘curl/curl.h’ file not found”… i haven’t changed anything after getting it downloading from the github… what am i missing?


Go to Project Build Settings > Search Paths> User Header Search Paths > and add the line
Also the libcurl.a static library was removed probably when it was committed to GitHub. So you’ll need to copy the libraries folder from the cocos2dx folder:
and place it in
Make sure to reference it in Xcode. You can check if it referenced by going to Project
> clicking targets > build phases> Link with Libraries. However when you copy the file in Finder, Xcode should automatically reference it.