Angry Ninjas - iPhone

Angry Ninjas - iPhone
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Angry Ninjas
Release: June 7, 2012
iPhone Game
Genre: Action

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Angry Ninjas is an action-packed swiping game where you play as a ninja cutting down hordes of angry ninjas earning gold and glory. Using your finger as your weapon and swiping as your attack slice through waves of relentless ninjas. Learn each ninja’s weakness and build-up huge combos to rack up massive points. Finish your attack in style with a devastating fatality leaving only the remains of your enemies behind.

Angry Ninjas is a free to play game with 3 addictive game modes. Play mode is good place to start your ninja training. Each stage becomes a little more challenging allowing you to develop your skills before facing more difficult enemies. Advanced ninjas can jump right into one of the two hardcore modes: Survival & Race. In Survival mode stay alive as long as possible as continuous waves of ninjas attack you. Race mode requires fast reflexes and execution. Defeat your enemies as quickly as possible and complete as many waves as possible to receive a huge score. Earn gold and buy awesome weaponry allowing you to cut down your enemies with ease. Compete on Game Center with your friends proving you are the deadliest ninja around.

  • iPhone swiping action game
  • Free to play
  • Microtransactions & Virtual Currency
  • Consumable items (boosts)
  • Weapon Upgrades
  • Mortal Kombat style Fatalities
  • 3 Game modes: Play Mode, Survival, & Race
  • Multiplayer update in August 2012

Check out the Angry Ninjas youtube promo video:

Developer Profile
Joe Kim is one of the two co-founders of God-Mode Games Inc—a bootstrapping start-up from Vancouver BC. Joe quit his job 2 years ago to chase his dream of running his own company. He’s been involved in gaming for over the past decade first starting off as professional Quake 3 player. After retiring his mouse and keyboard he volunteered as a referee for the World Cyber Games (, the largest international video games competition and for the past 5 years has been the Tournament Director for the event. He has also been a game designer for the past 6 years working for company’s like EA on the Need For Speed franchise.

Anish Kumar is the ninja developer and co-founder at God-Mode Games. Previously, he was making social and ecommerce web applications at various companies: Bardel Entertainment, Bermuda Telephone Company and JustLeapIn. Anish has 6 years of full stack web development experience and a year of iOS game development experience. In a past life, he created 3D visualization software and authored research papers in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.


The Angry Ninjas is a very funny game. Play once, and you’ll be hooked.