[Android - WP] Jump Monkey - Physics Multiplayer by Turn Game

[Android - WP] Jump Monkey - Physics Multiplayer by Turn Game
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How are you doing guys!?
Some months ago I have released the Windows Phone version of a game that is called Jump Monkey (http://bit.ly/jumpMonkey) and I have been trying to port it to Android in the last 2 weeks, which was a success IMO!

The link of the game is: http://bit.ly/jumpMonkeyAndroid and I hope you guys check it out!
I have done some minor changes into the porting, more to improve the game itself, have changed the physics from the Pharseer to the Native Box2D, but without bigger problems!

I am thinking in release the source code of both platforms if I achieve a good number of downloads, hope you guys enjoy it regardless my messy code :smiley:

As for the porting it was a great experience to get my hand into the cocos2d-x for c++ and I am enjoying it a lot!



I see that you have implemented ad SDKs into cocos2d-x. I assume that you have created a hybrid XAML / Cocos2D-x application for this. (or did you use Cocos2D-xna for windows phone?)

Can you share your strategy for the integration? There is not much information available on this topic :frowning:



Hey Tom, we did use Cocos2D-XNA and for the ad integration we used the AdRotator for XNA! :wink:



Hello Pedro,

thanks for your answer. I was hoping that someone got it working together with C**.
I have it also working on XNA but would rather use C** for my next game.



Hi Tom,

Our next game will be using the C++ for WP8, we recently have launched Last Survivor for WP8, but it is using the HTML5 and not the native code.

So please if you share your issues ans solution that would be awesome!

Kind regards,