Android screenshot also to be visible in gallery

Android screenshot also to be visible in gallery
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I need to save the screenshot of my game in such a folder which displays it in gallery as well. My current code Does the following to get a writable path:
std::string path = CCFileUtils::sharedFileUtils()->getWriteablePath();
It returns me a path like data/data//cache. But this folder is not accessible for other apps and thus does not show in the android gallery. What other method can I use to get a writable path?


Anyone please?



But the folder /data/data// is not accessible by galley and other apps.


See this page under the section Saving files that should be shared

I think you need to do a jni call and save your file in “Pictures” and obtain the path using the Java call getExternalStorageDirectory().

There is a good example of calling JNI here (with source):