Android Project Not executing


Hello all developers,
Happy new year to all. I put my hands on cocos2dx after going through other game technologies like Unity3D, XNA Game Studio, Construct2, etc. And I must say its a really good 2d engine. Very well managed.
Lets come to the point I followed through “How to setup environment for android” I followed every step of initialziang environment variables and downloading libs from Cygwin. This is the error I’m getting after successfully including testcpp android.proj files in Eclipse.
and also same error in Cygwin terminal.

These two errors are: missing GNUMAKE command
And how to define valid point to save executable.
Please help me to solve this issue.

androidproblem1.png (284.0 KB)

androidproblem.png (1477.0 KB)


I would avoid using Cygwin. Just use the native Win32 NDK if you are using Windows.

Use the Linux toolchain on Linux. Cygwin is a hack and not required.