[Android] New free Game from G4UStudio

[Android] New free Game from G4UStudio
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Hi every one!

G4U = Game For You … A game studio in Vietnam has just startup as recently as on February.

All members of team are very young and work together like brothers.

And a special member whom we want to introduce to you. He’s G4U Cat - The mascot of our team. He looks so funny and cheerful with red hat.

Today is a special day. We want to share with you our first mobile game - Pizza Catcher.

+Pizza Catcher is an action game that you’ll help G4U Cat to spray chutney on Red Pizzas.
By tapping the screen to take aim to shoot Red Pizza, you can achieve different scores depend on your shooting skill.

+Pizza Catcher is available on Android and going to be released on iOS two next week (includes a review of ingredients and approval from Apple)

You can download Pizza Catcher in link below:


  • We hope you have a comfortable time with our game…
    Thank you so much…
    Hope you enjoy it!