[Android/iOS] Zombie Away

[Android/iOS] Zombie Away
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The update for iOS arrives now.

Here’s a game very very addicting in Android and iOS. You run away from 4 kinds of zombies and save our Marilyn!

  • White Zombie -Ordinary and common. Not very dangerous but with large volumes it is terrifying.
  • Red Zombie - We do not know the reason but they are very red! Very speedy as they are extremely angry.
  • Blue Zombie - They even don’t know themselves where the hell they are heading. Their unpredictable character makes these idiot zombies stand out from the crowd.
  • Black Zombie -They follow you persistently without any noise. Extremely dangerous as time passes.
  • Mystery Potion - Do not hesitate because of the mysterious color. You’re invincible with this powerful mystery potion!

Here’s links to download



wont work on nexus 5???

edit:: Nevermind works now. Oh hid you get thje admob banner to stay. In my case is dissappears when I press the lock button? Are you using the admobsdk or the google play service sdk for it??


@siddharthshekar If you had any problems, it maybe… a bug. Please let me know. (I’m using Nexus 5 too :slight_smile:
Do you have a problem with Admob? I’m using Play Services version. I think I can help with some problems.


thanks… ya I am using the play service version…

I also set the bg to black(http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21408178/admob-wont-show-the-banner-until-refresh-or-sign-in-to-google-plus) … so the ad shows but on lock it disappears…


Well… Can you make a sample code that has same problem? (Because I cannot see your full source code.)

Edit: Did you add adView.pause() and adView.resume()? Play Services version needs them.