[Android|iOS] Flyo

[Android|iOS] Flyo
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Flyo - 1st Android game from my side :wink:

Flyo is a thrilling block transfer game. Accept the challenge and transfer as many blocks you can to your house, without being hit by obstacles. Earn extra points by creating combos and challenge your friends.

Game Features:

  • Simple one-touch controls
  • Easy and fun to play, but challenging at the same time
  • Stunning graphic with awesome sound effects

How to Play

  • Tap on screens left or right side to move and pick up or drop blocks

For development used stuff:

  • Cocos2d-x 2.2.2 version
  • ShareSDK

Quick screenshots:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.matudagames.flyo
iOS: in review

Hope You like it - Cocos2d-x rocks :smiley:


It is a simple concept… nice fun art… but there are couple of issues…

  1. The pause botton doest work. Game stalls for a bit and thats all.

  2. When I press share and the it pops up from below the screen stutters… I am having the same issues with iap in my game that I am developing… whenever I open the iap screen the screen in the background stutters… no clue as to why it happens

  3. Oh one small suggestion for next update… mirror the character when he moves left… he still faces right while moving left… are using actions???

but over all good game … good effort…


Thanks siddharthshekar for the game check & pause bug - fixed [added pause menu] and uploaded new build to google play :;ok
About the share pops - no clue too. Will think about the char mirroring + yes, actions are used for him.
[Char looks strange when is mirrored, but maybe thats only when I see him :smiley: ]


Hello - new updates for FLYO
Now you have extra game mode where you need to complete 10 levels [jump over blocks with 2 jump modes] + bug fixes for block transfer mode. Have fun !

Quick shoots of new game mode:



Thanks for your time