Android in Windows setup.

Android in Windows setup.
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Can someone recommend a very simple, very basic, step by step, setup guide for developing with android on a windows (xp) environment? I just want to make sure my dev environment is set up correctly, I have attempted to ‘install’ cocos2dx about 20 times now and am growing more frustrated as the days pass.

Thanks for any advice you may have!


Please refer to this website:

And please show the details if you fail again.


The difficult part is to install the android ndk environment. Have you succeed on build & run HelloJni demo from NDK?
If do, then refer to this document [[How to run HelloWorld on ndk r4 and r5]] to proceed.

In other words, paste the error log here would be helpful than re-install cocos2dx for 20 times. I guess you perhaps repeated a wrong way 20 times.


Thanks for the replies. I have read that wiki, I just seem to be having issues at each turn. I’ve no idea where to find the HelloJni demo or even where to start looking. I am a complete noob to Eclipse and Android. One thing I have noticed is that I believe my NDK is r6 (is that bad?).


NDK r6 version is ok.

The sample of HelloJni in the directory: …-ndk-r6\samples\hello-jni

In Eclipse:
1 Click File > New Android Project…
2 Select the Create project from existing source radio button.
3 Select any API level above Android 1.5.
4 In the Location field, click Browse… and select the /samples/hello-jni directory.
5 Click Finish.
6 start an avd or connect to an android phone, build and run the sample

You can refer to this website for more details:


Hi is there support for ? it would be much cooler to just work from visual studio and not having to go to cygwin.


I saw this project some time ago and it seems cool. The only drawback is that plug-ins don’t work with Visual Studio Express.





In fairness Microsoft makes it very easy for anyone to use the full Visual Studio product. If you are a student there is DreamSpark program, if you are an Indie or Business that makes under 1 Million, you have the BizSpark program that gives you 3 years free access to the full range of Microsoft products.

Whatever you think about Microsoft they do have great developer programs, they really care about developers.