[Android] [HTML5][Win8][WP8] Last Survivor - Zombie Attack

[Android] [HTML5][Win8][WP8] Last Survivor - Zombie Attack
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Hey guys, how are you doing?

We have just launched our new game, Last Survivor!

You can get it at http://bit.ly/lastSurvivor!

This game has some impressive accomplishments of tech. We have build it with JSB (Javascript Binding) that means, we wrote it with Cocos2D-HTML5 (you can play the game at http://last.nakedmonkey.com.br) and have attach together with several UNIQUE libs for Android.

You can play it and try out the Google Play Services, we have around 30 achievements and 2 exclusive leaderboards! Just login with your Google Account and submit your scores to the net!

We have also used the Soomla projet to create IAP for our game, using it from the JSB. I am preparing an example of how to do it to upload into the GitHub, but did not had the time yet, sorry guys!

Please spread the word! Thank you guys!


That’s nice game and reminding me to work on Facebook HTML5 integration :slight_smile:


Thanks Paras!
Indeed I now believe that it is easier than never! As you could see what I have done with Soomla and GPlay Services :wink:


Very nice game, cute character and intense gameplay. how long would you survive? :smiley:


Kin Terato wrote:

Very nice game, cute character and intense gameplay. how long would you survive? :smiley:

Thank you Kin!
We will try to update the game to Cocos2.2 since we had an Crash problem with the JSB. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Hi Pedro,

could you share your JSB bindings for soomla?



Hi Jose,

I am building an example project to publish in GitHub! Stay tuned!

We have just start to work into our new project (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJCcWb2mM28) and I hope I can get a break to write about the things that I did in LS!



I am glad that you have liked it @apolinario.

I bring great news, we have been able to publish this game on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8!

Follow the links!

and for Windows Phone 8



Hi! The game looks great!
I’ve got a question, how did you manage to create JSB for WP8?



Hi @jurer

We used Cordova to make a webview and to play the game as html5… it works but it looses a lot of performance…


BTW guys, new update has just launched, please guys tell me what you think about it!