Android - Get data from file failed!

Android - Get data from file failed!
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I’m using the latest Cocos2d-x version from the git repo.
I’m working on a tilemap-based game, and when I build and run (using ./ && ant debug), I get this error during startup:
Get data from file(/Collision-mask.tsx) failed!
The build command moves the assets as expected, and Collision-mask.tsx is in the assets folder. The file has the same permissions as the other files. The other assets, such as the tmx map itself and images, load fine.

In my tmx file I have the line:
<tileset firstgid="1441" source="Collision-mask.tsx"/>
This is the only place it’s called.

What would cause just this to not be found?

Screenshot_2012-10-07-19-58-18.png (159.2 KB)


Could you please attach a demo to reproduce it?
Thank you.