[Android] Flappy Fat Penguin - the hardest!

[Android] Flappy Fat Penguin - the hardest!
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Hi Boys and Girls,
There is a rumour that every developer should create it’s own “Flappy Bird” version. So I created my own one.

Here is the link (downloading and rating is obligatory! :P):

The rules are the same, but the main hero - the penguin - is, like I said in the title of the game, a little bit overweighted. It makes the game harder.


  • the weather is changing!
  • “cute” graphics - at least that’s what the artist, who created it (beside main hero!) said… I mean myself. :smiley:
  • local and global ranking (Google Play Services)
  • Cocos2d-x 2.1.5 used!
  • gameplay is quite hard!

Feel free to write something here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Screenshots below:


Hi Boys and Girls,
I updated my game - the new difficulty level is added, because I got feedback from a lot of people that it was even too hard. So now you can choose your own level - CLASSIC or HARD.

And I added the game here:


nice game, i enjoyed playing it :slight_smile:


Oh… is that rumor still in the air?
I thought it was already over few months back!! :smiley:

Cute game btw :stuck_out_tongue: