Android Cocos2DX development in Windows 7

Android Cocos2DX development in Windows 7
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I have used Eclipse Helios 3.6.1 for Java development in Windows 7. When I make any mistake while doing Java development Eclipse popups the error message without building the project/Code.
I wanted to start C++ development in the same IDE so I installed Autotools Support For CDT, C/C+ Development Tools, C/C+ Library API Documentation Hover Help plugins**.

One of the problems I am facing is suppose I create an object in HelloWorldScene.h. And while using it in HelloWorldScene.cpp by writing misspelled object name then eclipse is not popping message automatically. It show the error after building the code

And another problem is I have included #include “cocos2d.h” in my HelloWorldScene.h file now when writing the below statement

cocos2d::CCSprite ccSprite;*

I am not getting auto completion bar(auto assist bar) on writing like coco and pressing Ctrl + Space from my keyboard. What can be the problem?


usally i’m not use Eclipse (i’m using msvc),
but i heard that it is not so perfect to C/C++ such as auto complition.