[Android & Blackberry 10] Math Maze - RPG Puzzle

[Android & Blackberry 10] Math Maze - RPG Puzzle
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Fun filled RPG-Puzzle Game that challenge your math skills. Direct your Hero through the different levels and Mazes to unlock achievements and to gather more cash and gold. Fight the monsters using your math skills. Use the cash and gold you find to upgrade your character with more armor and other items. Find keys so you can unlock doors and treasure chests. The further you travel through the Maze, the more achievements you will accomplish.


  • 26 Achievements and 15 Missions
  • Mental challenges as you battle Monsters
  • 3 Stage with 30 levels to challenge your Hero
  • Random Treasure in the Maze

2013 Math Maze by Captive Games

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Really good game to improve math skills. Very interestiong gameplay, fought the monster with math skills, that really challenging. The graphic is nice and also suitable for children. Nice job :slight_smile:


Update 1.1:

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improve performance
  • Improve data compression
  • Font Stroke