Android APK expansion integration help

Android APK expansion integration help
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I am Android developer porting iPhone game to Android.
My apk size is around 85 MB, so i have put all TMX file in expansion folder and other images on assets.
Now can any one please tell how to access TMX files from expansion file?
I mean which path do i need put in tileMap->initWithTMXFile(“test.tmx”);

Thank you.


I hope understand you.
try to use CCFileUtils::sharedFileUtils()->getWriteablePath()


Can it possible for you to send me some demo code,i am just porting game not done coding.

Thank you.

std::string path = CCFileUtils::sharedFileUtils() -> getWriteablePath() + "tmx_folder/my_tmx_00.tmx";
tileMap -> initWithTMXFile( path.c_str() );

Hope it works.