Android APK Expansion file - Need urgent help!

Android APK Expansion file - Need urgent help!
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Has anyone built a game using the google APK Expansion file ? My game is 120 mb and google only lets apks with 50, i have been reading on how to use the apk expansion file, but im very afraid it might not work with cocos2dx because the files get in another directory other then assets…

Does any one have a clue on how integrate cocos2dx with the files from the apk expension file ?

Please help! :frowning:

ps: I have tried using /sdcard/Android/obb/org.cocos2dx.BrasilQuestX/Filename.png by passing the file, but no luck! :frowning:


Well, i might posted my question too early. Now that i have made some tests, i believe i managed to do it by setting the resource path like: CCFileUtils::setResourcePath(“/sdcard/Android/obb/org.cocos2dx.BrasilQuestX”);

Now they all load from there! HOW AWESOME! :slight_smile:

Will test more and post my updates on how to get Google APK Expansion rolling using cocos2dx!



Well, i thought it worked, but it only worked because old files were still on the assets folders… setting the fileutils resourcepath did not worked! :frowning:

Any solutions to load all files from a single folder on the sdcard ?



Hi Joe. Did you find a solution to that problem ?



Please post solution here we all want to know this.

Thank you.