[android] 3x3 numbers



I would like to introduce my first game ever published to the stores: 3x3 numbers

The game is simple. There are nine numbers on the screen. Tap the numbers in ascending order and you gain some score for each correct move. You also lose some for wrong moves. So be careful. The numbers reload after they are done. You have 60 seconds to gain as much score as you can.

Simple mode gives you numbers from 1 through 9. Big Numbers mode, in the other hand, is a real challenge as it randomly takes values in the range 1 - 99.

Currently the game is completely offline. Facebook integration with score sharing feature is in the plan.

So take a look at it, play around with it. Any feedback is really appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

cingalla-menu.png (41.0 KB)

cingalla-playbig.png (57.9 KB)


I have released a new version of 3x3 numbers with score sharing feature. Now you can share your score on Facebook.

Please let me know of any issues.