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May I suggest setting up an IRC? There’s what, 800 people visiting this site a day? I’m sure most of them would love to share their thoughts. If more people join we can overcome the time shift problem, at the very least could grow the community a bit.


I have considered about this. But we have some problem here.
# IM tools cannot save the answers & resolutions, so new comers will ask basic questions again and again coz they can not search the discuss in the forum.
# Cocos2d-iphone has a official IRC channel,, but seldom people are still using it.
# Time zone. Most of developers here are in European or America timezone, so when they’re working, we’re sleeping :frowning:
# I prefer gtalk group, but this service is blocked by Chinese government, only seldom of us who has bought VPN can use them.

Any ideas?
Perhaps I must try to set VPN on the router at first.

  1. disagree, you have logs
  2. it’s full of people
  3. yes a place for developers to hang out and talk about the development skills they’ve earned and issues they’ve had
  4. didn’t know gtalk had this option, well but I think an IRC will be better, on quakenet it’s for free and you get a bot too

Alternatively you could establish a community game project so that cocos2d-x will stick out and the people in would share the complete process incl. source code. Much like big bucks bunny. This would create a group of people off-shore that are able to help when you’re gone.


Well, I managed how to join in #cocos2d-iphone channel on via Aidum.
But it’s a pity that is blocked by Chinese government. After a simple try, I failed on setting VPN on our router yesterday. But I think we can do it finally.


I’m always on IRC and I would to be able to go into a IRC channel to ask questions.



Can anyone teach me how to set VPN on our router, or should I link 2 router together to implement PPPoE + VPN ? Please give me a link to tech blog describing this. Thanks in advance.


#cocos2d-x on freenode was registered a year ago.
I’ve created a temp channel ##cocos2d-x.