alternative to eclipse


Since eclipse is not really supported by cocos2dxv3rc0, many eclipse bug: does not compile, the classes folder of the project does not open, so can not program …
So eclipse is unusable …
One solution: eclipse (coding) + console (building). But the problem is that I can not write code on eclipse because classes does not open (I think it’s because do not execute) …

Im on ubuntu.
How to use eclipse? Or any other IDE can be used on ubuntu?





I also use Ubuntu, and I hope have a way to programming with cocos2dx in Ubuntu :frowning:


You can link classes folder in eclipse and build project using command prompt or terminal.



  • QtCreator
  • KDevelop <-- currently testing it but it works great :slight_smile:


Main problem with eclipse/android is that it is hard to debug C++ code because of JNI.

So most popular way for all cross-platform C++ development - including cocos2dx - is use Xcode/VisualStudio for development, testing, debugging with breakpoints etc… everything works without needing any setup. Then use eclipse or console or build/run/test on Android. It is much more easy to debug problems in Xcode/VisualStudio as C++ breakpoints work.

On Android/JNI, it is hard to setup C++ debugging using breakpoints. It is possible but difficult to setup, so only debug Android bugs using eclipse but use Xcode or Visual Studio for main development.


I use Visual Studio for development, which is more user friendly for me.
It does not work well in debugging using Eclipse and I simply regard the tools as a “APK builder”

As Android Studio is coming (, someone could take a look the preview version and have a try.